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The Company’s objects are:

- Original source code production and software development of useful, operational, applications of artificial intelligence, information technology and all relevant scientific and technical areas.

- Incorporation of existing source code and software in broader code and software sections, their modification and in general elaboration with a view to create and interconnect respective applications.

- Development of applicable information and artificial intelligence systems via combination of software and appropriate technical means, equipment and material.

- Free disposal of the developed programs and software to the public and all interested parties.

- Free and limitless access to the source code of the applications, as well as to tutorials, user manuals, construction drawings etc.

- Imminent and in large scale exploitation by the public and all interested parties of the developed software and applications, as well as of already existing relevant applications that are for free.

- Information, education and training of all interested parties familiarized or not with relevant subjects.

- Provision of scientific and technical support in the fields of research, experimental development and application of systems that are pertinent to the scope of works.

- Conducting research and elaboration of studies in relevant to the above scope of works fields.

- Promoting to society knowledge and better comprehension of the scope of works, the potential and applicability of information technology and especially of artificial intelligence in practice.

- Collaboration with other institutions, local or foreign entities in order to insure the aforementioned.

- According to the discretion of the General Assembly the company can proceed with all respective actions or acts that may assist in the realization of its goals in connection with or auxiliary to any of the abovementioned activities or within the framework of the general works.

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For the realization and materialization of the aforementioned goals the company is entitled to use every legal mean. Indicatively to:

- Promote innovative ideas with short term realization period and direct applicability.

- Choose among proposals that have the highest public benefit and are largely accepted.

- Use highly qualified and experienced personnel.

- Maintain close contact with industry, production sector, market, social institutions and people, seeking information, exploring needs and testing ideas.

- Collaborate with academic, scientific and research foundations, institutions and organizations.

- Participate in international, European and national research programs that are related to its scope of works.

- Participate in tenders launched by Public or private domestic or foreign private entities and to receive funding either through direct award, either via appointment or tender award from local or foreign institutions, in order to conduct research or/and develop applications relevant to its scope of works.

- Participate in other similar or related companies of any corporate type that are already established or are about to be set up and are located in Greece or abroad, as well as in joint ventures. The Company can collaborate with any kind of natural person or legal entity in all ways.

- Conduct feasibility studies, technical-financial research and prepare marketing or funding plans with a view to optimize its function.

- Work on communicating and making widely known researches, discoveries and in general to elaborate on the diffusion of knowledge related with artificial intelligence and other similar fields, either by using its own means or with the support of mass media.

- Organize seminars and artistic events close to its goals and scope of works.

- Publish and circulate announcements and newsletters or every kind of traditional or digital document or distribute them via internet and provide information, educational and training material to all interested parties in hard copy, electronically or in digital form.

- Create information and documentation centre in respective areas, as well as special library and electronic data base.

- Create and maintain websites relevant to its scope of works.

- Support institutions, organizations, unions, associations or/and natural entities, reinforce -based on its capabilities- and assist or work on the materialization of third parties’ ideas that comply with the Company’s scope of works.

- Obtain and utilize through any legal way every right or privilege is necessary or useful in order to attain its goals.

- Establish branches or offices everywhere and represent any kind of Greek or foreign legal entity having the same or similar scope.

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