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DemocracIT: Consultations made effective

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How does DemocracIT stand out?

✔ Easier contributions

- Comment on specific sentences
- Indicate problems in a structured way
- Express support/disagreement

✔ Powerful analytics

Visualization and reports can help you understand what users are saying.

✔ Scalable and open

Our technology stack can support million of comments. You can install it in your premises or we can host it for you. contact us

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We are on a mission to improve citizen participation in democratic processes.

SciFY is a not for profit organization that
develops cutting-edge information technology systems and freely offers them to everyone.

DemocracIT, like democracy it-self, started in Greece and
now we are ready to expand world-wide.

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Number of consultations per category

SciFY 1
Demo NGO 1
Municipality of Thessaloniki 1
Municipality of Athens 1
Ministry of Health 1
Ministry of Education 1

Number of comments in each consultation (average)

SciFY 17
Demo NGO 5
Municipality of Thessaloniki 4
Municipality of Athens 0
Ministry of Health 5
Ministry of Education 4

Duration of consultations (average)

SciFY 740
Demo NGO 58
Municipality of Thessaloniki 70
Municipality of Athens 78
Ministry of Health 40
Ministry of Education 40

In progress

There is no open consultation at the moment

Recently ended:

Article for association
Ended: before 1 year | Duration 740 days
Demo NGO - consultation
Ended: before 3 years | Duration 58 days
Demo Ministry of Health - consultation
Ended: before 3 years | Duration 40 days
Demo Ministry of education - consultation
Ended: before 3 years | Duration 40 days
Demo Municipality of Athens - consultation
Ended: before 3 years | Duration 78 days
Demo Municipality of Thessaloniki - consultation
Ended: before 4 years | Duration 70 days